Search string

okay, I was looking at my blog stats and links that bring people to my site.  This one caught my eye, so I check it out.  When I saw the search string, I had to laugh, but then after I thought about it more, maybe the search string isn’t as odd as I thought.

5 Responses

  1. Ha! God I hated Chicken Pox. I remember having them between my toes.

  2. It’s funny what sorts of queries lead people to our sites, isn’t it?

    Usually it’s “it se bit se” but I don’t have any other information on where to shop for them. 😦 ~R

  3. Cubs win!! And will win today, too.

  4. One of my favorite time suckage activities is checking my blog stats to find out what crazy searches lead people to me. I’m really popular with the “Furries”

  5. Oh my…how awful to have pox when the baby is little! eeks!

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