Home improvements #1

These are photos of our old patio door.  Notice how everything is square??


 Here’s our new patio door.  The screen is on the inside and actually locks!!

9 Responses

  1. Looks great!

  2. That’s quite an improvement!

  3. Sweet! I love screen doors.

    We also installed a screen door going into our garage! It’s the best best thing that we’ve done. ~R

  4. Yay, for new patio doors that actually function well. Yay, for new windows. Yay, for new furnace and A/C. Boo, for missing all of these updates in the last few days. How the hell did THAT happen?

    LOL!!! I’ve actually gotten off my duff and started posting again! ~R

  5. Looks great! A screen door to your garage? Cool.

    Yup. A screen door to our garage. We can open the garage door and not worry about letting the flys in or the children out! ~R

  6. I love having a screen door to our garage door too! When it’s nice enough to have the windows open, I can leave that door open too. It’s great.

    Love the new door. It looks great! We got a new screen door for our front door but it still sits in the garage. Not quite effective out there LOL

  7. Wooohooo for locks that work!

  8. WOW! It sure has changed! I bet you are so happy!

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