Hot, hot & HOT

ughh… Our A/C coils decided that thye wanted to be an icemaker instead. Friday we got 3 estimates and then signed. Monday it’s getting installed. Fortunatley for us, we have a window unit in our bedroom, so this weekend, we’ll drag the kids’ mattresses in our room and they’ll sleep on the floor. The kids are too wiggley and the bed is too small for all of us to be in our bed.

So we’ll be spending quite a bit of time at the library. I thought about going to the Children’s Discovery Museum or a Make a Mess place here in town, but that costs money and right now, we have to be cheap frugal. We’ll probably be eating out most nights. Ugh…

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  1. That’s hot. ©
    Is this the Paris Hilton Comment?? I totally missed it!! 😀 ~R

    Hopefully your children will think sleeping in your room is fun! I grew up in a house without AC and so I don’t feel like I need it. It was usually 95 outside and 85 inside and we were all used to it.

    In all honesty, I can deal with the heat. Hubby can’t. ~R

  2. Isn’t that usually the way with hubby’s, they can’t put up with or deal with half of what we put up with ROFL!!!! Sorry to hear about the AC. We don’t really need it here in Victoria, we are surrounded by ocean, so we always get a cool breeze. I love it!

    Can you turn this into an adventure for your kids? I was watching a thing on the tube where people can’t afford to go away so they are having a “staycation” instead, staying at home, but planning special activities. Are there any water parks around where you live?

    Hoping the AC starts up soon.

    We have several “spraygrounds” that are within biking distance that we go to Quite a bit. One of the perks that come with hubby’s employer has a pool, including a zero depth pool with a sprayground, a 2’6″ pool with the deepest part 3’6″. That pool has two smaller water slides (Baby girl LOVES it and will go down by herself) a lazy river and a regular pool with two diving boards and a bigger water slide. It’s been fun! ~R

  3. Can I come play too??? It sounds heavenly!!!!

  4. What an adventure you all are having this summer, even if it does break the bank. I imagine the kids may remember it more fondly than you! ha But they will remember the parks, water, eating out, the mattress in M&D’s room…fun stuff for kids!

  5. I think I just found the name of that flower over on CuriousC’s blog. She says it’s called Liatris.

  6. OK – now I get FW’s comment on the flowers regarding the oops. and I just have to say – Darn those ol’ wiggly kids… (do they come anyother way?) STAY COOL.

  7. […] hot and stormy and today the AC is […]

  8. LOL at FightingWindmills Paris Hilton comment. 😀 Did you make it through the weekend? We were walking around the St. Louis Zoo in 102 degree sun yesterday and it was HOT.

    We made it through! Sunday was MUCH hotter than Saturday. How was the zoo?

  9. We’ve been nursing our unit through the past 3 summers, but I know it is just a matter of time before we have to replace it. I dread having to spend the money!

    We couldn’t wait any longer. Our neighbor across the street is having the same leak/freezing issue. ~R

  10. UGH. A/C problems in heat? Of course – when else are they going to happen? Hope you A/C gets better soon.

  11. Yikes. It is so hot in East Tennessee right now. I can’t imagine being without AC.

  12. The zoo was hawt. A funny thing happened there. I should blog about it and cause all sorts of controversy.

    Waiting…. ~R

  13. Jimmy, I’m glad you liked my Paris Hilton reference. I’d like to read about controversy at the zoo, if you end up writing a post about it.

    I can’t believe I missed it! I must be so out of touch. ~Sigh~ ~R

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