F F Friday (8)

Yeah it’s time for a new post.  Time for Fucking Floral Friday, with Saintseester.

Complete with a bumble bee pollinating.

8 Responses

  1. What are those flowers? I don’t think I’ve seen them before.

    Not sure myself. It came with the house… ~R

  2. Those are neat. But I’d like to know how are they related to a Ford F-150. LOLLLLLLLLLL!!!!!!!!

    Too funny on the related posts!! ~R

  3. Pollinating? I LOVE pollinating!! Or, at least the concept.

  4. Nice. It’s like watching the Bee Movie!! heehee!

  5. ROFL – your title probably earned you an R rating for your blog. BTW I like the little martian dude avatars for those of us who don’t have one or in my case too lazy to log into wordpress. Those are coolio flowers.

    LOL!!!! ~R

  6. I think I just found the name of that flower over on CuriousC’s blog. She says it’s called Liatris.

    Ooops! This comment was supposed to be on this post, not the other one. LOL.

  7. I had been calling this flower liriope but I was wrong. In my quest to attempt giving my liatris a French accent, I found out I had the wrong flower. I got frustrated (lazy) trying to figure out the origin of the word. so anyway! Good eyes from FW for making this connection!

  8. I like this flower! It reminds me of one of the monsters on Sesame Street. You know who I’m talking about? I think he was red and had red flowing fur, longer.

    Anyways, it’s cute and soft looking. Makes me want to pet it.

    Well, minus the bee… ~R

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