The garden boxes

The radishes have all be harvested.  Some eaten, but most not.  Only Hubby likes radishes!  LOL..  Oh well.

The carrots have sprouted, but no carrots to eat yet.  They ought to be thinned.  We are doing good to water them most days.

3 Responses

  1. Wow! Those look great 🙂 Fresh carrots are amazing. I’m not a huge radish fan either 😉 LOL

  2. I guess those are going to be small carrots?

    Yup. we’re growing baby carrots. LOL!! 🙂 ~R

  3. Oh, I meant to comment on this before! I love that you’re doing radishes and carrots in containers! I was sort of waiting until later to plant some carrots, because I’m not so much out of room as out of patience with having to clear the “decorative” rocks to get to the ground, and for some reason I didn’t know if they’d do well in containers. But, you’ve got me motivated now! I love carrots. Radishes, not as much, but I do like them well enough! I’m a big salad girl.

    And fresh carrots…there’s just something about things fresh from the garden! 🙂

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