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Lady Language is having some GREAT giveaways again for their 2 year anniversary.  So git on over, leave comments and go help them celebrate and maybe even WIN!!

Oh, Attitude of Gratitude is on hold for July (with Mama-Om that is), although I am grateful that my toughest problem last night was “Where do we go after dinner?  Do we bike to one of the two spraygrounds or do we drive the car to the pool?”  The kids chose the pool!

One last thing.  When I insert a link, do you prefer to open in the SAME window or a NEW window??

8 Responses

  1. WOohoo~love giveaways! Good choice for the kiddies! I like links to open in a new window personally!

  2. For me, either choice for links works fine because I click with COMMAND key held down so I end up with a new tab. But if I didn’t have that trick, I would always pick new window.

  3. I personally prefer a new tab/window open. But that’s just me. By the way, I am still jealous of your awesome play-in-the-water choices nearby. You’d think in hot as crap Florida we would have stuff like that, but nope, we don’t.

    I guess that they figure you’ve got some pond, lake, canal or ocean nearby to swim in. ~R

  4. New window for me, as well. Poooollll. Waaattteeerrr. Weemin with very little clothing …..

  5. Jimmy Cracked-Corn: thanks for the heads up-i couldn’t figure out the command button-so I tried it with the control-wallah! I am a blonde-kinda-ha!

    He’s a whacked Mac-head… 😀 ~R

  6. I LOVE Lady Language 🙂

    I always try to pop links into a new window. I hate it when people leave me 😦

  7. I love spraygrounds…

  8. Thanks for the shout out again! I prefer a link to open in a new window 🙂

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