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okay, I was looking at my blog stats and links that bring people to my site.  This one caught my eye, so I check it out.  When I saw the search string, I had to laugh, but then after I thought about it more, maybe the search string isn’t as odd as I thought.

Busy weekend up ahead…

This weekend is busy, busy, busy!!!

Saturday:  We are having a fmaily reunion of my Mother’s father’s side up in Chicago.  I have never met this side of the family and I can’t wait to meet them.  I’ll be taking lots of pictures and will post on myspace and facebook for my friends to see.

Sunday:   We are having a shove off for my brother.  Mr. Smarty Farty Pants been accepted to Columbia Law School and he takes off soon.  I know I’ll still chat with him and email him, but NY is sooooooooo far away!  He’d been up in Chicago, which wasn’t a big deal really.

Monday:  Two of my aunts will be at my Mom’s.  One of them is my Aunt who lives in England, so I’ll be bringing the kids for an evening visit.  She’ll be at the reunion, so I’ll get to see her twice.  I’m sure that there will be some stories to share. 

July will be over and so will NaBloPoMo and WoYoPracMo (Which I have been doing both and keeping track of on my other blog)

F F Friday (9)

Wow!! Nine weeks. Isn’t that a movie or something? Anyway, it’s time for Fucking Floral Friday with Saintseester!!

Would a rose by any other name smell just as sweet?  The bottom one is complete with spider web in frame.  Oh well…

Home improvements #1

These are photos of our old patio door.  Notice how everything is square??


 Here’s our new patio door.  The screen is on the inside and actually locks!!

A/C update PS

Also, our furnace that was replaced was a Coleman.  You know Coleman = CAMPING GEAR!  The furnace that was heating our two story house and basement was made for a TRAILER!  Yes, you read that correctly.  Grrrrrrrrr….


The other night I woke up to a thunderstorm.  No biggie.  I love Thunderstorms.  We ended up getting 1 1/2 inches of rain.  We checked on the kids (they slept through the whole thing), went potty and laid back down to go back to sleep.  Uh Houston, That’s where we have a problem.  I couldn’t get back to sleep.  I even tried my old stand-bys.  They both involved counting of sorts, but not sheep.
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A/C update

On Monday, we got our new A/C & furnace.  YIPPEE!!  The kids slept in their own beds in their own rooms Monday night.  They still wanted to sleep on our floor.  Ummm  NO!  LOL!!

We managed over the weekend and Monday was actually cooler outside anyway.  Go figure.  But we now have an efficient A/C, an efficient furnace, efficient windows and efficient doors.  We’ll soon have a new roof with ridge vents.  We are NOT moving out of this house anytime soon.