Da Cubs

Okay.  The Cubs swept at home the 20th-22nd.  For me to win the bet, the Cubs would have to win one more game.  That didn’t happen.  The Cubs were swept this weekend, the 27th-29th.  That means we both lost the bet.  SGEP will be writing a post about the Cubs and I’ll be writing a post about the Sox.  Look for it in the coming days…

5 Responses

  1. I want to know more about this bet? What was it? Do either of you have to pay up?

    Yup. Neither of us won, we both lost so we both have to write. ~R

  2. Bets aren’t any fun unless there’s deviant sex involved.

  3. The Cubs DID bend the Giants over the desk last night!

  4. My team is sucking major wind this year (BRAVES), but, really, it is impossible to win when 4 of your best pitchers end up injured/in surgery.

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