Attitude of Gratitude (6)

Attitude of Gratitude

This week, I am grateful (once again) to be working at home.  This allows me to work while my kids are sick and I don’t get too far behind in work.  Those with a week stomach, stop here.  Don’t read any further…

Sunday after dinner, Baby Girl hurled.  What mostly came up was lunch, hotdogs and grapes.  I promptly gave her a bath and then I made the mistake of taking her for a short bike ride.  Not very far along, she hurled again.  In the trailer.  All over the place.  More hotdogs and grapes.  I am also grateful that Little Man did NOT come along for this bike ride!

We get home Hubby hoses down the trailer and I clean her up.  Again.  So, she’s not going to school Monday.  We take the second bath and I put her PJ’s on, but we decided to go outside.  Before we go in, she hurls one more time.  It’s mostly water so she doesn’t get a third bath, just new PJ’s.  She’s running a slight temp (100.9) so we coax her to take Tylenol with a water chaser.  She sleeps fine.

Monday she spends the day coloring and watching TV.  Lot’s of TV and takes a 3 plus hour nap.  I get some good working done when she naps.  I do have the monitor on so I can hear her.

Tuesday morning, we get up and dressed for school.  I give her milk and she takes a couple bites of waffle for breakfast.  She says her tummy hurts and she needs to go poopy, so we sit on the potty.  Like every other time, she doesn’t go.  So we leave for school in the car.

Little Man is dropped off first.  We get to Baby Girls school and everything is fine.  She wants to open the door, so I pick her up so she can.  I set her down to open the other door and that’s when it happens.  Again.  She pukes curdled milk all over the entrance floor of her school.  I clean her up with some wipes and the principal cleans up the floor.  She’s coming back home again with me.  No fitness class for me today.  I had thought about not going anyway, so I’d be available just in case. 

So she gets another morning in front of the TV and coloring with highlighter’s on old company letterhead.  We’ll see what Wednesday brings.

7 Responses

  1. It’s always grapes!

  2. I’m sorry your baby is sick, but it is good that you can work at home. I have a pretty flexible schedule, but mine seem to time illnesses with the exact time and day I have to go into work and cannot miss!

  3. Oh, there’s nothing like that little touch of stomach flu to keep a little kid grounded – and Mommy, too. I hope she feels better – and soon. And she doesn’t give whatever it is that’s buggin’ her, to you!

  4. Keep her away from milk! The same thing happens when my daughter is sick: she can’t tolerate milk when she has a virus. Poor baby girl. Hugs to you all!

  5. Oh I hope sweet pea is better now! Bless her heart and yours too!

    She was feeling better and back to school on Wednesday. Yippee!! ~R

  6. gotta love these moments. reminds me of my poop post that you & Kemi loved so much (lol). hope she gets better soon!

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