A miscellaneous rambling

Tuesday,we go to the park unprepared and she wants to play in the water. Wednesday we wear the swim diaper, swimsuit, water shoes and bring a towel. She wants to play on the playground, not the sprayground!!

Tuesday night I wear my college marching band T-shirt to bed. That night I have a dream about the college marching band, with a specific person mentioned! Ususally the marching band dreams that I have are high school marching band dreams, but this one was college.

My toenails hurt. I think it’s time to trim them.

4 Responses

  1. Aaaahhhhh~the wonders of children. I have had dreams of spiders 2 nights in a row-from killing a spider a few days ago. I hate it when this happens.

  2. Can I try? OK.

    I’ve been sick. Two nights ago I dreamed the entire night about canning pickle and tomatoes My heel hurts because I have a piece of glass in it and I need to go get it removed. It makes my calf hurt walking around on my toes instead of the whole foot all day. I could try high heels I guess.

  3. Last night iIdreamed that I was puzzled by the fact that we used magnesium in the shipping department. I have no idea, either.

  4. One of those days, huh?

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