Attitude of Gratitude (4)

Here we are.  It’s Wednesday again.  Time for Attitude of gratitude, hostess-ed by Mama-Om.

Attitude of Gratitude

Today I am grateful for the kindness of strangers.  

Yesterday evening, I took Baby Girl to the park.  Not just any park, but the park that was the spray grounds for the little kids.  I forgot that they might have the water going, so we were unprepared.  No swim diaper, no extra diapers, no swim suit, no towel.  I was able to strip her down to her diaper and take of her shoes and sock.  We dried off in the bathroom, with the air bloowers.  But the thing was the diaper/swim diaper thing.  Any parent knows that a regular diaper just soaks water and becomes 10 times heavier.  I ended asking another parent if they had an extra swim diaper, and he did.  He not only brought me one, but two.  The diaper would have been okay for the ride home, it was only a little bit wet, but he brought me two.  one for now and one for the ride home.  Thank you!

I am also thankful that 5 years ago, my son was kind to me.  He was a fairly easy birth.  Story on my Birth pages.  🙂

6 Responses

  1. That sounds like a lot of fun – I wish we had a park like that here. It would be great in the summer when it’s so stinking hot!

  2. I’m with Jenn~that does sound like so much fun! So glad you asked another parent for extra swim diapers!

  3. Wow, Happy Birthday to your son! (and to your birth as a mother!)

    And I LOVE running into parents who “get” it. It makes all the difference.

  4. How very nice. Let’s here it for the ‘sensitive’ guy. I KNEW there had to be another one somewhere.

  5. That was very nice. And, it must have really made the day fun!

  6. Awww…it makes me kind of sad recalling the swim diaper days. It’s nice to see kind people out there offering a diaper to a parent in need 🙂

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