Attitude of Gratitude

T’is Wednesday and you know what that means?  Attitude of Gratitude hosted by Mama-On.

Attitude of Gratitude

Today I am grateful that the kids are sleeping through the night, mostly.  They both have been doing this for months now, but there are days when one of them comes in in the middle of the night to join us in bed.

I am also grateful that the storms that blew through last night did no damage at all.  We had lots of rain, lightening and thunder.  The weather radio went off quite a bit (The kids slept through that alarm) and we were woken up quite a bit. 

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  1. Wow! You guys have a lot of storms… I’m glad all is well, and (somewhat) restful.

  2. Glad the storms blew through and didn’t wake the kids! 😉 I wouldn’t mind a good storm here. It’s just grey and gloomy and tomorrow it is supposed to hit 90! Yikes!

  3. Glad you are ok. Those storms were pretty fierce.

    It’s great when you can finally get some sleep when the kids sleep through the night. 🙂

    My daughter had a lot of storm damage, basement flooded and of course she had to cancel appointment with the realtor to see her home and put it on the market. I am glad they are all right and nothing worse happened. I know she is stressed out and I hate that for her.


    We’ve had some fierce storms come through the last couple of days. I hope our new tree makes it… Oour sump pump has been running about every 3-5 minutes, though not quite so much today. At least it isn’t gushing in, like when they are flushing the hydrants. ~R

  4. Haha! The irony! Glad the kids were able to sleep. Personally, I love thunderstorms. They used to freak me out a little bit when I was a kid, but I’ve outgrown that!

  5. The storms woke my youngest up 2 nights ago at 3:30am and DH never really could get back to sleep. Yet he was not that tired. I WAS EXHAUSTED, partly b/c our a/c has been dying and it was 79 in my house and so my sleep has been fitful for 4 nights b/c I can’t sleep in the heat (such a spoiled American). and I got a 2 day migraine as a result.

    Yesterday my a/c was FIXED (HALL-LE-LU-JAH!!!!) and I went to bed at NINE PM and got up at SIX. So I feel GOOD. Amazing what a difference a good nights sleep makes!

    I can deal with hot and humid. Hubby can’t, so almost always the fan is blowing and I’m covered in a sheet! Isn’t it great how awesome you feel with 9 hours of sleep?? ~R

  6. My Son sleeps through storms, but my Daughter wakes at the slightest noise and runs to my bedside. I am glad you escaped the storms unharmed – nasty storm systems moving through our area this week.

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