Our tree

I was thinking about our tree in our backyard and how I doubt we’d ever get a treehouse around it.  We ended up digging it out and replacing it this weekend.

Our old tree:

Our new tree:

This tree should grow fairly quickly and provide some much needed shade in our backyard.

6 Responses

  1. It looks nice, but it would be a while before you ever got a tree house in that thing 🙂

  2. Wow, excellent! Is that a sugar maple? If so, you’ll have a 5 inch trunk holding up a 25 foot tree in just a couple years. They grow crazy fast!

    My back yard tree (tree house tree, one and only) is splitting apart at it’s seams! We’re about to spend $300 to get it professionally anchored together!

    It is an Autumn Blaze Maple. a Hybrid cross between a Silver Maple & Red Maple. The kind that don’t produce helicopter’s ~R

  3. Congrats on your new tree! Vast improvement. We’ve got an old school tree house in our ginormous magnolia tree in the backyard. Truman loves it. Maybe your kids can have a tree house when they are teens. God only knows what they’ll do in there! 😉

  4. Update says that we are probably going to have to have our tree removed! The kids will literally have a tree STUMP house. 😦

    OH NO!!!!! Why, or is that going to be a future post? ~R

  5. The new tree looks healthier than the old one. And no helicopters = happy times! Our yard is covered in them and the one maple tree still has tons that haven’t even fallen! Hubby hates them. The big tree by the house is the culprit and we’ve been wanting to cut it down because it hovers ominously over our bedroom. Hubby’s worried it will fall down one day. I hope we cut it down before that happens.

  6. Yep, as you saw already, I blogged about our tree house again today. I guess I need to stop calling it a “tree house” huh? Play fort!!!

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