F F Friday

Good day everyone!  I am going to try to post F F Friday (Fucking Floral Friday), an inspiration from Saintseester.



This is a flower in our front yard…  not really sure what it is, but here it is.  Maybe this will be a weekly thing or a whenever I F’ing feeling like F F Friday!  LOL!!

8 Responses

  1. http://davesgarden.com/guides/pf/go/55685/
    I think that is Weigela. Beautiful picture! My dad has a bush of that in his yard (that’s how I know the name of it).

    Thank you! I had taken a picture of the lilacs, but it didn’t turn out so well. They are starting to brown and shrivel. Blech. ~R

  2. That is an interesting flower – I don’t believe I ‘ve seen one before. Thanks for joining in on F-F-Friday. And thank God it IS Friday!

  3. Thank you for the picture of the really obscene flower. Or is it just MY mind?

    LOL!! Lou! you’ve had too much sex on your mind lately… ~R

  4. Now that is a different flower, thank heavens it’s Friday!!!!!

  5. I love the F-F-Friday theme. It’s a visual representation of passive aggression 😉

  6. Left you something on my blogger blog! 🙂

  7. Is this on a bush? I am still trying to figure out if it is the kind of flower I thought it might be. When I went back and looked at my dad’s weigela it is not as similar as I had remembered. Ah well, I tried.

    Yup it’s on a bush. It was the only flower on the bush. LOL!! ~R

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