wordpress top posts Meme

Brian over at In repair did this fun little meme and tagged my friend Fighting Windmills.  It looks like so much fun, that I’d thought that I’d give this a whirl.

Here’s the “rules”  Go to “Blog Stats” under your WordPress Dashboard. Click “Top Posts & Pages” and then choose “All Time.” Write down your top five posts of all time and the number of times that they’ve been viewed. Tag five other WordPress users.

I guess people do enjot reading about different Birth Stories and they do want to know a bit about you.  Which reminds me.  I probably need to update it. 

I am opting out of tagging, but feel free to tag yourself!

4 Responses

  1. Well, I’ll do it, but I’m not going to tag anyone either…it sounds like fun!

  2. oh nevermind…it’s boring…

    I think that mine is boring too, mostly pages and not posts. LOL!! 😀 ~R

  3. You did the screen shot! Way to go. Thanks for participating. Reading your post made me notice that I didn’t even include the rules in mine. Ooops!

    YEAH ME!!!! ~R

  4. This looks like fun. How did you do a screen shot? Going to practice with that now.

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