Attitude of Gratitude Wednesday

Attitude of Gratitude

Here it is Wednesday again.  Please click on the pretty badge on the left and feel free to participate with me.  Either every week or whenever you can.  Mama-Om hosts this one. 

I am very grateful for the wonderful wether that we’ve been having.  This means that we spend so much more time outdoors and NOT watching TV or playing the Wii.  We are going for bike rides and going to the park.


8 Responses

  1. That’s awesome. It’s exactly what I’m grateful for too this week.

  2. Very good point. It’s easy to forget how awesome it is to spend the evening outdoors without a single thought about a coat or hat or gloves, etc.

    I’m also grateful that gas isn’t $7 per gallon yet. Stress on yet.

    Right!! Get that proposal in to work from home ASAP! ~R

  3. That sounds really nice! I wish it were nicer outside, but I’m grateful that my husband is stationed in Germany and not Iraq!

    That is a BIG something to be grateful for. ~R

  4. Cool. That’s been our weather. Cool. But sunny.

    Tuesday morning was a little cool, but I still took the kids to school on the bike, I brought two blankets for covering up with! Today I’ll pick them up from school on the bike too. ~R

  5. We have been loving the better weather, too. It is such a relief (so much quieter!) to have outdoor living space. The kids tool around in the garden and the sandbox forever, it seems.

    Thanks for participating!

    Thanks for Host/hostessing! ~R

  6. I am thankful for the weather most days here in the Sonoran desert, its always beautiful. the 40+ days over 100 can be a little much in the summer, but at least it is dry heat.

    Thanks for the reminder. I can’t get my kids inside and like you said its nice to have them off the computer and video games for a minute!

  7. I am thankful that it WILL NOT RAIN TOMORROW (ya got that Mother Nature) so we can pour more concrete in the backyard. 😉

    so how much rain are you getting today? LOL!! ~R

  8. Okay – it’s Friday now. FRIDAY!!!!!!

    and not just any Friday. A Three day weekend Friday! YIPPEE!! ~R

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