Movies that I want to go back and watch

Here’s a list of movies (mostly from the 80’s of course) that I haven’t seen for a LOOOOOONG time that I want to watch, but probably won’t get around to.

  • Cloak and Dagger
  • War Games
  • The Dark Crystal  I have no excuse to not watch this movie.  We have it on VHS.
  • Attack of the Killer Tomatoes  I know… pretty Cheesy.  I just want to watch it to see if it’s as bad as I remember it to be.
  • The incredible Shrinking Woman  Same as above
  • Lady Hawke

What are your movies that you’ve been wanting to watch that you haven’t gotten around to?

edited:  I thought of a couple more movies…

  • The Neverending Story ~We have this on VHS too
  • The Secret of N*I*M*H ~ We have this one too

I had a couple more in mind too, but I can’t remember what they were!  LOL!! 😀

6 Responses

  1. I haven’t seen all of those. Never even heard of a couple of them. War Games is an ALL TIME favorite. It’s probably at least half the reason I work behind a keyboard every day. Better add The Goonies to your list!

    Goonies is an alltime favorite… One time when I was watching it, I SWEAR that there was a scene that was added in later or something. Maybe it was in the early scene of Chunk in the ice cream shop when the Fratelli’s were going by. When I saw it, I thought that the group had the map and was looking at the map in the ice cream shop. ~R

  2. I think if you have ever rented the DVD version of Goonies, adding that deleted scene back is an option.

    I remember a Goonies scene where they come to a crossroads in the caves and a skeleton on the wall ends up pointing out which of the passages they should take. I would SWEAR I saw that in the theater the first time I went.

    Usually the deleted scens are after the movie and you don’t watch them with the movie. Who knows… ~R

  3. Wow you’re quick! I watched the last two recently with my kids. Classics. I loved the Incredible Shrinking Woman – wasn’t it Lily Tomlin? I still want to see Teen Wolf and Back to The Future again (to see if they are as bad as I remember)…hehe. I

    Wow! Someone else who’s actually heard of the Incredible Shrinking Woman! Yes Lily Tomlin was the title character. And it’s because of THAT movie, that I will not stick my hands in the garbage disposal… Well that and the fear of it going all Poltergeist on me too… ~R

  4. Field of Dreams

  5. I received Neverending Story from netflix a few weeks ago. Not as good as I remembered it…

    My husband and I recently bought Foul Play with Goldie Hawne for a bargain price of $5. It was ok, but cheesy!!

  6. Awww, LOVED ladyhawke! saw it in the theater.

    I want to see Beastmaster again. THAT was a cool flick. And the Princess Bride.

    and I remember the incr shrinking woman too.

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