Lady Language

One of the blogs that I read, Thanks to this Quirky Jessi post, is Lady Language.  They are celebrating their one year Bloggiversary with a great give away and I wanna win!  LOL!!  So here I am linking.  They always have fantabuolous give away’s. 

5 Responses

  1. I read Lady Language, too. I gonna have a problem if I win, however. I don’t think their clothes are going to fit me.

    Yup! That’s how I met Lou and his fantastic photo’s! Go check them out, especially his photo’s from his England Trip. ~ R

  2. They have cute clothes -thanks for tuning me in to that blog and store! =)

  3. Thanks for the link!

    And yes, they are always having great give-aways. I love the ladies there and even though I’m not a huge fashion buff, I still have fun throwing in my two cents and goofing around with the people there. 😀

  4. Thanks for the link, I love giveaways!

  5. Alright, we found y’all – time to stop talking about us behind our backs…hehe. Thanks for the link Emily and yes, you are well on your way to winning something this month for sure! Of course, we all want Lou to win so he can taket some fine pictures in our clothing. We are honored to have such great blogging buddies.

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