F F Friday

Good day everyone!  I am going to try to post F F Friday (Fucking Floral Friday), an inspiration from Saintseester.



This is a flower in our front yard…  not really sure what it is, but here it is.  Maybe this will be a weekly thing or a whenever I F’ing feeling like F F Friday!  LOL!!

wordpress top posts Meme

Brian over at In repair did this fun little meme and tagged my friend Fighting Windmills.  It looks like so much fun, that I’d thought that I’d give this a whirl.

Here’s the “rules”  Go to “Blog Stats” under your WordPress Dashboard. Click “Top Posts & Pages” and then choose “All Time.” Write down your top five posts of all time and the number of times that they’ve been viewed. Tag five other WordPress users.

I guess people do enjot reading about different Birth Stories and they do want to know a bit about you.  Which reminds me.  I probably need to update it. 

I am opting out of tagging, but feel free to tag yourself!

Attitude of Gratitude

Here it is, Wednesday again.  Time for Attitude of Gratitude.

I am very grateful to have my job in the Mortgage Broker Industry.  I have survived two reductions in workforce, and two acquisitions.  I love what I do, I get to work from home and I am very good at what I do.

What are YOU grateful for?  Click the badge on the left and add yourself.  Go ahead, I’ll wait.  🙂 


Attitude of Gratitude

Radish update and other stuff.

We are starting to see the radish leaves peeking up from the top of the box.  I’m so excited.  soon hubby will have radishes to eat and that’ll give the carrots a bit more room. 

I’ve thinned some out and dropped them on the ground for the rabbits to eat.


Yesterday I was washing the dishes when I saw this little bird just hopping after the bigger bird with it’s beak open, wanting food.  They both hopped all the way across the yard.  It was kind of cute.

Memorial Weekend

Everyone, have a safe and great weekend.  We are going to my Dad’s and my Gramma will be there!  I can’t wait to see her. 

Soon I’ll post an update of our garden boxes.  I’ve thinned out the radishes and donated them to the bunny food fund.  In other words, I’ve thrown them on the ground for the bunny’s to eat and they’ve been eating them.  The carrots are starting to sprout and soon I’ll be thinnging those out too.