April in review

I am an American Idol Junkie who likes Baseball and is Catholic. Dental health is being worked on and I love Eclair, Mock variety. I love my Family and I’m getting Gray hairs and Green Grass. Hearing is bad and I’m somewhat Insomniac. My friend Jimmy Cracked Corn’s search terms are funny and Kids are my world, which I read from our extensive Library.

I love Marching Bands and Night time is when my kids wind up instead of down and hubby and I wear night guards. I was in two Oganizations growing up, and had PVC’s that have been corrected. I love my Grandma Quilt and so do the kids. We are big on Recycling and I Scrapbook, get lots of Spam and have kids that wear small sizes.

I have my Tonsils out and Little Man OUGHT to have his out. Ugh! I blogged about a Variety of things and I’ve always been a Working Girl who hasn’t had many X-Rays. 🙂 I like Youtube and We’ve had a Zoo growing up.

Now you know the ABC’s of me! Hope you had fun. I know I did.

11 Responses

  1. This post took you a long time to link up, didn’t it? Congrats on finishing out the challenge.

  2. Outstanding post – and a lot of work. I did the last half of NaBloPoMo last November. And, because of it, I jumped into this blog365 thing. But somehow, I just couldn’t bring myself to combine the blog365 with the NaBloPoMo theme thing. People think I’m nuts enough as it is. But, well done, you. Well done.

  3. What a cute and clever (and time-consuming!) way to tie it all together!

    I loved it!

  4. Whew! Way to go girlfriend!!!!!

  5. It took a while to link up. Fortunately I had two tabs open! LOL!! 😀

    Lou: Blog365 is quite a commitment and I’m not up for THAT challenge… yet.

  6. Well-done! Congratulations on once again being able to post everyday for a month!

    Thank you!! I can’t do it everymonth, like Mercedes. We’ll see what next month brings… ~R

  7. Thank you. I think. I’m just thinking that at the end of June – we’ll be halfway done. Halfway. deep breath. let it out slow. ah. I think i may take a day or two around the 1st of the year. Maybe.

  8. Just wanted to stop by and say hi! I hope all is well!

  9. What a clever post! Way to connect all of your alphabet posts! Awesome! 😀 I’m like Lou–I did Blog365, too; however, I fell off the wagon way back in January! 😛 I didn’t really get daily until March. Oops! Anyway, I loved this clever post. 🙂

  10. Wow – looks like way too much work and I am glad I am not doing the blog365 🙂 Good to know more about you!

  11. I love how you summed up April NaBloPoMo! Thanks for stopping by and sending your hugs and prayers for Jedd and I! Much appreciated!

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