letters that didn’t make the cut.

A was almost for Average.

B was almost for Breastfeeding (nothing that people didn’t already know!)

D was almost for Dinky town. I grew up in one.

E was almost for Ears & Eyes

G was almost for Green. I renamed it to Recycling.

H was almost for Heart Health. I renamed that to PVC

M was almost for Momtuition. Kind of like intuition

Q was almost for Quality Assurance, my current position.

V was almost for Validate or Verify before sending me emails.

Y was almost for Yoga

5 Responses

  1. We’ve almost made it the whole month! I was gettin a little shaky about coming up with a post for today but ended up with 3 (LOL). Whew! One day left!!!!

  2. Now you can BlogGoSlowMo for a while and RestYoBrainI-oh.

  3. Great job, Randomability! You made it to the end of the month!

  4. Are you up for May NaBloPoMo? I don’t know if I am. The voices thing has me stumped. If I do May it will be straight posting–no themes. 🙂

    I am Not NaBloPoMo’ing for May. I may do it every couple of months and for sure in November. ~R

  5. I hear ya! I signed up for Blog 365, so I may buckle down each day of each month! I’m already out, though. I totally botched January and February.

    BTW–my NEW blog is live! Check it out! I’m linked to it here. But just in case: http://www.shadesofpinkblog.com 😀

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