Z is for…


Growing up we had all sorts of pets, not all at the same time.  This includes:

  • Dogs (named Doobie, Ginger & Maxi)
  • Cats (Suzy, Misty, Quincy & Sox ~Named after The White Sox 😛 )
  • Parakeets (Pete & Repeat)
  • Fish ~Goldfish and other assorted Fish (Two of the fish we named Miss Piggy & Kermit)
  • Hamsters (Frenchie & Snowball.  In college I had one named Hammie)
  • Mice (I’m not sure if they had names)
  • Rat (Gideon)
  • Gerbil (Star)

I’m sure we had other pets, but these were the ones that I remember.  I have a pet story to tell, and since this is my blog, you’ll just have to read about it!  HAHA!!

One day we woke up and Snowball was headless.  Frenchie ATE snowballs head.  There was no skull, no brains, no fur, no face.  Nothing was left but a body.  A few days later, Frenchie had passed away.  We guess it was either from a massive furball or severe indigestion.

4 Responses

  1. Yes actually that happened to our little guy’s hamster last night. Disgusting!

    Be prepared for the other hamster to be found dead in a couple mornings. Unless it has a better stomach than ours did. ~R

  2. There should be a lesson in all of that. Just not quite sure how to verbalize it. So to speak.

    Don’t piss of your cage mate, otherwise you might lose your head! LOL!! ~R

  3. Ew! I so did not expect this when I clicked over! Not a happy image. Rodents are bad enough without their rodent behavior thrown in.

  4. Ick!

    Don’t worry, if we get another hamster it will have its own cage!

    That would be wise!! ~R

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