W is for…

Working girl.

I have held a job for most of my life, since I got my work permit the summer I turned 15.  I worked at the local grocery store as a cashier and later in the Deli after I turned 18.  It was my job at home when I came back from college breaks and it was great.  I learned the number key pad and can key in numbers like there’s no tomorrow!  LOL!!

During college, I worked at two different grocery stores.  My Freshman year in college I worked at a store that was pretty much accorss the street as I didn’t have a car.  I HATED it.  I started out a a bag lady and finally a cashier (where I had less freedom and responsibility).  I worked the express lane several times, and I nearly passed out while working too.  Not cool.

Sophmore year I worked at Farm King (Kind of like a Farm and Fleet)  It ws okay.  Junior year I was back at a Grocery store, working in the Deli.  I was able to walk there from my apartment on those nice days.  I didn’t care so much working there, so I was looking for another job.

I had an interview for a management position at a video store, but I couldn’t make. I had to work. who knows how everything might be different, had I gotten the job.

I found one at a tax prep place, but that was only seasonal, so back to working retail again.  I found a job at Fashion Bug and I liked that one too.  I stayed htere until I graduated college and even somewhat transferred to another Fashion Bug in Ohio as a 2nd assistant manager.  That was somewhat stressful (There were only two managers instead of thre, so that made for some really long days).

After that, I worked in the jewelry department at Monkey Wards.  I left and came back to IL in April and worked for a temp agency at a bank.  From there, I worked at a title company as a closer and then the mortgage company that I currently work at.

4 Responses

  1. You work at a mortgage company? That’s got to be hard work, lately. And I’ll bet you have to keep looking over your shoulder and wondering about the stability of your job. That bites.

    Yup. I work for a mortgage broker. I actually feel pretty stable in my job right now. ~R

  2. Not only are you a Working Girl, but if I remember correctly, you were also a Girl Friday.

  3. You’ve had lots of jobs! I danced all through high school and that was like a full time job–but without pay. The performance opportunities were rewarding enough. My first REAL job was working as a cashier at a Drug Mart–remember those from your Ohio days? I worked as a cashier forever and wanted to work back in cosmetics, but the manager wouldn’t let me because I was the only one whose drawer was consistently right at the end of the night!

  4. You sound like me! I am just now down to one job~for the last two years. No-I lied I have two jobs: Mary Kay and Teaching! Duh!

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