V is for…

Variety of things.  🙂  Or various.

The Cubs were Victorious in 10 innings over the Rockies last night, giving them their 10,000 regular season win.  They have won 6 in a row!!  YIPPEE.

To go with my new bike, we bought a bike trailer for the kids, so I took the kids out for a ride last night.  Read about that on my other blog.  🙂

This morning I saw a Phantom Little Man.  When I’m half awake, I think I see my kids in the hall or in the doorway, but they aren’t there.  When they were occasionally sleeping in bed with us, I would wake up thinking that they were standing up or about ready to fall off the bed.  Sometimes when they weren’t in bed with us, I would think that I see them in bed with us.  When I lay down at night, sometime I hear a phantom radio.  When I sit up, I don’t hear it anymore. It’s really weird.