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Yesterday we took the day off to take in a Cubs game.  They won!  Yippee!!!  The Ugh part comes on the way home.  We got onto 55 okay, but it took us an hour to go about 12 miles or so.  there had been an accident near County Line road that took a while to clear off.  By the time we drive past, the cleaners were finishing up and getting ready to leave.

Now it’s Ugh again this morning, playing catch-up at work and instead, I’m blogging.  Monday I got a new work computer so the old computer was erased and taken to the recycle place.  Next time, remind me to install new computer first and boot & nuke the old computer second…  Just in case.  My H Drive and all the documents I had on my H Drive…  GONE!!!  Oh well…  live and learn.  Oh, and I have a new laser mouse so I no longer have to clean mouse balls again.

U is for update:  I found out the why of the whole reason why I had my H drive on my desktop and not my Citrix desktop…  I had enough of a cache of the “old” server still on my computer.  since I was not on the “Current” server, my H drive was never back-up by IT.  So they documents that I need, I’ll have to recreate them.  Fortunately, It was only a couple variations of a letter and two variations of a checklist.  It’ll be just doing it that will be tedious.  😦

7 Responses

  1. Uh oh. Not good.

  2. If the “H” drive is a network drive, it just needs to be remapped. 🙂

    That being said, I had someone pour water on my work computer last fall, and I’m *still* trying to get some of the software on the new one. So frustrating! I do feel your pain!

    I wish it were as easy as remapping… I work from home, so I log onto Citrix to get into the server in the main office. I have a Citrix desktop and my regular desktop. I was able to access my H Drive on my desktop. Apparently I wasn’t supposed to. My citrix desktop should have been mapped for the H Drive then it would have been backed up. Alas, I was special. My desktop was not backed up by IT and so everything is gone. Damn IT!! so I’ll have to recreate some documents in the future. ~R

  3. Mouse balls sounds really gross. LOL! Hooray for a Cubs victory and for a new work computer!

    Actually it’s a joke… the old mouses (mice?) had a roller ball at the bottom to make the curser move. If it gets too dirty or say a hair gets wrapped around it, it affects the mouse and it doesn’t move as well…

  4. I am an ‘IT’ guy – and I’m a bit confused. Just where, PHYSICALLY, was your H drive? Because it’s REALLY unusual for your local machine to have an ‘H’ drive, unless you created that mapping yourself or else you had several optical disks (CD-ROM, CD-RW, DVD-ROM, etc) and perhaps, added another hard drive to your system AFTER all the other drives were in there and mapped. So, just where was ‘H’?

    It was on my desktop not attached to my company’s server… It should have been mapped on my Citrix desktop. ~Sigh~ I’m not sure how or why. ~R

  5. Sorry about your computer. Bummer. Awesome about the laser mouse! I need one of those. My mouse is awful and I’m too lazy to buy a new one.

  6. My Grandma loved the cubs! Always on when we went to her house! My brother lives in Mokena.

  7. p.s. I am having computer problems too! My home computer won’t read my jump drive all of the sudden. My life is on it-lol!

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