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My tonsils had always been huge.  The were kissing tonsils.  In high school, I always missed a couple days each year due to illness.  I snored badly.  Several times, I snored loud enough to wake myself up.  I was tired of this. When I was in college, I decided that I wanted them out.  I was still on my parents insurance so it was done.  i scheduled the appointment for the consult.  Driving to the doctors office and parking took longer than the actual consult!  He looked in my throat and he said, yup they need to come out!  I scheduled the surgery for over Christmas break.  That was fun.  I was 19 at the time of the tonsillectomy.

Now here we are with a nearly 5 year old.  He’s had issues with ear infections and had two sets of tubes put in.  He had his adenoids taken out at the time his 2nd set was inserted.  Now his tonsils are huge and if it were solely up to me, I’d have them taken out now.  We are waiting.  In my mind, this is the time line of how it’ll go.  Tubes out at the end of September (after 2 years of being in).  3 months later (Jan), he’ll still have fluid in his ears and with it being winter, we’ll want the tubes back in and they’ll take his tonsils out at the same time.  We really should have had them out with the second round of tubes, but what can we do?  He’s been snoring pretty bad lately and I don’t think he sleeps real well because of it. 

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  1. Poor little guy! They doctors should do more to make him comfortable!

  2. I have the same problem with my tonsils, but I couldn’t find a doctor to take them out. I know they are a major reason for my snoring, but my insurance would rather pay for a C-PAP (is that the breathing thing?) machine for the rest of my life than a quick surgery. My husband is totally against the C-PAP, so I continue to snore. And get regular sore throats. And have difficulty swallowing any time my tonsils get even the tiniest bit swollen.

    When my daughter had her tubes put in two years ago, they took out her adenoids but refused to take out her (extraordinarily large) tonsils while they were in there (in a surgical setting, while she was already under the anesthesia, while she was young and better likely to have a quick recovery!). I was so mad!!! It’s like doing a C-section delivery and then refusing to do a tubal ligation before everything gets stitched up; instead, requiring the mother to return at a later date to have another abdominal surgery.

  3. Many of these decisions are made FOR the Doctors by the insurance companies. That said, there are several schools of thought about tonsils and when (or if) they should come out. I had mine out when I was seven. I have always been fairly healthy – I get few colds and even fewer sore throats and ear problems. I USED to get them ALL THE TIME. I remember the earaches I used to get as a child. I used to get up and pace the floor all night long, the earaches were so bad. I remember my grandmother putting warm sweet oil in my ear to help. That all stopped when my tonsils came out.

  4. I still have my tonsils. When I was little I had ear infections all the time. Now I have chronic sinusitis which could also be from the tonsils’ presence. When I had mono in 1995, the doc that diagnosed me said, “my what large tonsils you have in there!” lol But, I still have them. I don’t snore. I just have constant sinus issues and frequent sore throat. Swollen glands are also a common occurrence.

  5. I still have my tonsils. My little guy has his out at 5 when they put his first set of tubes in (I know we’ve discussed this b4). I hope the doc hurries up and makes a decision to do it.

  6. My daughter needed hers out when she was little but they advised against it . My grandson and she both finally had them removed and he no longer snores..still has ear problems..tubes and all.

    i still have mine and wonder too about all the sinus problems..I also embarrassed that I snore.. Drats..

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