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I have been recycling for who knows how long.  I remeber doing it at home while in high school and I graduated 15 years ago.  While living in the dorms, my roomate and I had a little informal recycling station at the end of the hall and we would take it to be recycled ourselves.  I did this the couple years that I lived off-campus as well.  I really hate not recycling.

The town I live in has curbside recycling, which is great!  However, they do not take the plastic tubs, but the neighboring town does.  Cool!  I can just drop them off once a month or so.  YIPPEE!! 

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  1. Our curbside pickup stopped taking glass bottles. I do not know why. Our local newspaper keeps bugging us to subscribe. I keep telling them, “No,” because I cannot stand all that wasted paper. If they would go to an e-format, I would subscribe.

  2. Good for you. For the longest time I was throwing away far too much trash because our local curbside would not take packaging board (non-corrugated). We had also just had our kids and I didn’t have time to solve that problem, so I slapped trash stickers on 3 or 4 39 gallon bags every week.

    Now that they have started accepting the packaging board, most paper and junk mail (including glossy ads) I have reduced my average to less than 1 of those same big bags. The age of the kids accounts for some of that reduction as well as my buying very little in glass jars or bottle and trying not to buy any plastic with a number higher than 2.

  3. I recycle too! We have curbside pickup the same day as trash pickup. Or I just take it to school and put in the recycling bins there. I give my aluminum cans to my Dad and let him take them to the recycling place down the road and he gets some cash for gas-hehe! I haven’t renewed my Newspaper subscription~I think I will look into how much it will cost to purchase it online. But I do enjoy reading the paper in my “office”~the bathroom-lol!

    I used to take the almunimun cans to church for the Youth Minister group, but that got to be too hard, to rembered to take them. We subscribe on and off. Right now we subscribe. For the most part, eveything is the same. There are some features in the paper that aren’t online (good neighbors swap) and some that are online and not in the paper. I could take it or leave it. ~R

  4. p.s. I believe you are one letter ahead of me-hehe! I post R tomorrow.

    I ended up one day behind where I wanted to be. I actuallt started posting the letters on the 1st instead on the 2nd. But I double posted two letters out of order! C & E. But then again, those are two less days that I’ll have to figure out what to do for the letters. ~R

  5. We recycle, but they stopped picking ours up. You’ve been tagged, btw: http://bloggingiszen.blogspot.com

  6. My daughter went on a field trip to the Waste Management site here in our city, and it was so fascinating! They have a very advanced facility where they actually sort all recylcables and non-biodegrable materials out of the trash, then turn the rest into compost which they sell. They have also built an entire facility to break down and recycle computers and tvs. I was a ‘casual’ recycler before, but now I do a lot more. We also have curbside recycling pick-up, as well as bins in parking lots around town where you can get rid of almost anything, and EcoStations for large items (couches, bikes, building materials), hazardous materials or containters, and just about anything else you can possibly think of. The city has also put recycling dumpsters outside all apartment and townhouse complexes, right beside the trash dumpsters. It is quite impressive that they’ve built a system where no matter what you do with your garbage, it is all appropriately sorted in the end.

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