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Here.  In Central Illinois, there was a 5.4 earthquake that woke me up about 4:37 this morning.  I thought I felt two different tremors, but it was one long tremor.  I figured that this was from the New Madrid fault, near the IL-MO border, but the epicenter was closer to the IL-IN border, 6 miles from West Salem along the Illinois basin-Ozark dome region.  The following map is taken from the usgs.gov website.

The windows rattled and it was far stronger than what we were accustomed to.  So tell me, did you feel it this morning?  If so, where are you?

Edited:  4:30 pm:  The magnitude went down to 5.2 (Not a big difference, but that’s what is reported) and it did involve the Wabash fault, an extension of the New Madrid Fault.  It was still a pretty odd feeling to be laying in bed and hearing the windows, pictures and light fixtures rattle.

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  1. I was semi-awake (trying NOT to be awake) and I felt NOTHING. Neither did my wife.

  2. My wife will tell you that NOTHING wakes me up. And today was no exception. The earthquake, which everyone felt but me, was in the Wabash Fault, a northen extension of the New Madrid Fault.

    It usually takes alot to wake me up. Although since I have become a mom, I now fall somewhere in between a light sleeper and a heavy sleeper. ~R

  3. An earthquake in Illinois, huh? How exciting! Ohio is probably too far away to feel that jolt, but even if it had reached us, I’m sure I would have slept through it. 😛

    Some people up in Chicago felt it, but not as strong as we felt it. ~R

  4. Gosh, It woke me up in a hurry.. LOL! As you saw on my site.
    BTW..I love your site.. Looks great..Wish I could find one I could be satisfied with.
    This one is awesome..

    I still swear that I felt two tremors… Or at least a pause in between. We’ve had several small ones felt here. The last one I remember was when Baby Girl was still breastfeeding in the night. I had just gotten back to bed and I felt the bed shake. It wasn’t as strong as the one Friday. ~R

  5. Yikes! I didn’t realize the quake was so close to my brother and his boys! We take 57 or 59 (I think) up through Centralia (spelling) and it is beautiful. I always think I might want to retire there.

    I saw my first double rainbow in central IL. I also saw my first Canadian goose migration. It was awesome to see those massive birds flying in huge V formations for as far as our eyes could see. Then to look down and see how many were feasting on the harvested corn fields. There has to be billions of C geese.

    You live in a beautiful area, just heavenly.

    Those geese are EVERYWHERE! I-57 is the one that runs from Chicago to Memphis and beyond. ~R

  6. NO WAY! Freaky.

  7. Jedd just told me about this! I hope you are ok! I guess I need to call my brother-he lives in Mokena, Illinois. Jedd said it was in Indiana-was it in both places? So glad you are here!

    Love Ya!

    The epicenter was just West of Evansville, IN here in IL. I don’t remember where I read it, but because of the land, it was felt fairly far and wide. If it had happened in CA, It would have been felt for only a 50 or 60 mile radius. CRAZY!! ~R

  8. Well I studied the map~and it was closer to me than him-it looks like. Mokena is near Chicago.

  9. I did feel the aftershock at 10:17. I work on the second floor and my two big 21 inch CRTs were swaying back and forth knocking together.

    And me working in the basement, below the ground, I didn’t feel anything. We also had our patio door replaced at the time and my husband didn’t notice anything either. ~R

  10. I was in Indianapolis, my boobs totally shook me awake. TMI? sorry. 🙂

    HAHA!! That’s funny. I’m sure it was a little jarring for you. I barely have enough there to jigglemwhen I’m walking! LOL!! 😀 ~R

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