P is for…

Premature Ventricular Contraction

I’m going to apologize in advance for the not so smooth post.  Ideas were coming at me, that I just typed and this is in no order what-so-ever.

I have had a couple of passing out spells.  One was the first day of 8th grade while I was getting ready for school and the other time I was at work.  I just keeled over.  While in college, I tried to give blood, but I was turned away because my heart “skipped” more than ten times in a minute.  The light headed-ness would come on whenever and wherever.  In the shower or at work, it did not discriminate.  The only thing I could do was sit down before I would pass out.  I had several EKG’s done (showed nothing) and even an Echo cardiogram (still showed nothing)  It wasn’t until after I wore an event monitor that it was finally “captured” that the cardiologist finally was able to do something.  In the meantime, I cut out most caffienated pop to help curb the skipping.

At first, I was put on some drugs, which really made me emotional.  Soon I married and was able to have decent insurance, so I opted for the Radio Frequency ablation, the same procedure that Mark DeRosa just went through, so that I could be healthy and not on drugs when we started having kids.

Normally, your heart beats lub-dub, ub-dub.  With PVC, the dub part comes rather quickly and then the heart pauses for a moment to catch-up.  Now couple this with fairly low blood pressure, and you have a recipe for disaster.  Namely passing out and nearly passing out.  Not very fun.

2 Responses

  1. So the question is – was the procedure successful? Because we don’t want you passing out in the middle of a post. Your forehead will mash the keys and produce unintelligible output and then we’re all going to be stuck trying to figure out what just happened here.

    Yes! The procedure was successful. Yippee!! dasklhfioerhtirehbv oops… just had a moment there… ~R

  2. I can’t imagine have the “passing out” syndrome looming overhead all the time. Glad you got that fixed.

    When you get that feeling, you know that you just need to sit down. The tunnel vision, hearing starts to get weird, clamminess. The funny thing though, I almost always attributed it to low blood sugar. ~R

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