O is for…


Noticed I said Organizations and NOT organized.  LOL!!  Growing up , I was a member of the 4-H club (Helping Hands was our name) and brownies/girl scouts Troop 164. 

I remember one demonstration that I did for 4-H, I was making a dessert (Cool Whip mixed with pineapples).  My leader ~ my best friend at the time’s Mom ~ had asked what do you eat it with?  I said in all seriousness, “A Spoon”.  You eat it with a spoon!  What she was asking was what kind of dinner do you serve it with!  LOL  :D.  Anyway, I remember one of the skits that we did earned a blue ribbon, which meant that we went on to the State Fair!  YEAH!!  That was a big deal. 

When I first started out in Brownies, the troop was rather large and we’d meet in the cafeteria of the elementary school.  Numbers soon dwindled and we met in the basement of the library.  I was an excellant cookie seller.  My friend and I would go door to door together (oh the horrors of going door to door nowadays) but it was a small town.  We knew who would always buy and the houses with the scary people to avoid.  I don’t have my sash and my badges anymore, but I’m sure that they just might be somewhere in my parents house.


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  1. I think I still have my girlscout sash unless I came to my sense and threw it out. 😀

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