N is for…

Night time

I swear, the moment the sun goes down and it’s time to wind down, our kids wind UP.  Even those days that Little Man doesn’t nap, he winds ALL the way up.  We are upstairs trying to get him to undressed and all he wants to do is run from room to room.  Of course Baby Girl wants to get in on all the fun, so she’s keeping up with him, running from room to room with him.  We finally manage to corral them and get them undressed and into their pajamas (pa-JAM-as, although Little Man has been say pa-JAHM-as the last couple nights).  Teeth are brushed and everyone is laying in bed.

Ni is also for night guard.  My husband and I both wear one on our teeth.  Him for grinding and me for clenching.  When I was nursing Baby girl, I would often wake up with a sore jaw, from clenching it tight.  One day, I finally went into the dentist about it.  The dentist office and my office were across the parking lot from each other until we closed our office down and I’m now working from home.  The fit me with a night guard.  Unless I’m sick, I wear it every night.  those nights that I don’t wear it, My jaw is incredibly sore.

4 Responses

  1. I must clench a little bit in my sleep, because sometimes I have a sore jaw in the AM. Not very badly, and not very often.

    Baby Girl nursed in the night for a longer time than Little Man did. I think it was the stress that makes me clench. I know I have to tell myself to relax my jaw when I’m laying in bed at night. ~R

  2. I find that I am the one that winds up when the day winds down. I am not sure what my problem is. I can be exhausted from a long hard day and once 8 or 9 rolls around, I start to wake up–and by wake up I mean I’m ready to go take a high impact aerobics class or soemthing crazy like that! Then I force myself to go to bed by 11 and I just lie there waiting to sleep. Sometimes it takes hours. Hmm…I think that’s insomnia. 😛

  3. I sooooo admire you and hubby. I just couldn’t wear one and now I’m paying the price, cappiedy, cap, cap, cap…six so far and another on the way. Be sooooo glad you are taking care of them…caps cost!

  4. I thank the Lord for the night time
    To forget the day
    A day of up- uptight time
    Baby, chase it away
    I get relexation
    It’s a time to groove

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