M is for…

Marching Bands.

I was in the marching band for 4 years in high school and my first two years in college.  I was a flag chick.  As sad as it may sound, I still remember the opening for my Freshman year in High school.  Not all of it, but the first couple of moves and bits and pieces of the others. 

As every four years, we went on a band trip.  My older sister went to the Fiesta bowl in Phoenix four years earlier.  My younger brother went to the Outback bowl in Tampa.  We went to “The Freedom Bowl”.  Were the hell is that you ask?  It was in Anaheim.  Notice I said “was”.  I don’t think they host a bowl game there anymore.    Our band won the competition and played the half-time show.  Of course there was a big screen and I’m sure eveyone was trying to glance up at it when they could.  They managed to get a picture of ME doing it!!  LOL!!  😀  In the photo above, my band is the left half of the star, white uniforms and the drumline is wearing black.  The color guard is in black holding the flag. 

Don’t get me wrong, it was pretty cool to be in LA visiting all the sites, the Tar pits, the Hollywood Bowl, The Hollywood walk of fame.   We went to Disney Land a couple times and saw Phantom of the Opera while there.  I even saw the dood from the beginning of White Men Can’t Jump while eating lunch on Venice Beach! 

I love watching the bands at half time and if possible, I’d go to the Band day competition here in town.  I would wake up early enough to watch the tiny class A bands step off and stay until finals.  But since I have kids, I’ll have to make do with Marching Band You tube videos.

In college, one of the songs we used was “Bus Stop”.  It was kind of funny, because when the band was playing I was singing, “Bus stop, da da da da da da da da my umbrella”  that was the only word that I knew!  LOL!!

I also enjoy watching DCI on TV, if I happen to catch it on PBS (which is almost never).  If I thought I was good enough, I would have loved to have been a part of a drum and bugel corps after high school.  But then again, I couldn’t afford it. 

3 Responses

  1. Marching band youtube videos! 🙂

    Bus stop, bus goes, she stays, love grow, under my umbrella.

  2. LOL @ Jimmy.

    I was in marching band and drill team for 4 years. I *used* to be able to do the girl splits AND the boy splits….ummmm, yeah those were the days.

    I could NEVER do the splits. Just the half splits. LOL!! ~R

  3. I just did ballet. I was in the high school choir and that was fun–we travelled. Got to go to Nashville when I was a junior and St. Louis my senior year. I never made it to marching band–no desire. I played the clarinet from 5th-8th grade. That got old. There was no clarinet section in our marching band in high school and I didn’t want to learn a new instrument. Also, I had a pretty low opinion of the band directors in our school district.

    I played clarinet in concert band in high school. I did flag becasue I didn’t want to memorize music LOL!! 😀 ~R

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