L is for…


We have a whole library of kids books.  I can deal with the books all over the place.  The books get read. 

The books on the top shelf, the fireplace and the Dr. Suess books on the floor there were gifts from parents or that we had bought.  The books on the bottom shelf were passed on to us by co-workers.  We also have a handful of bedtime books upstairs and a boxful of books that used to be mine.  At one time, his two favorite books that used to be mine were The Monster at the End of the Book and Oscar’s Book

Little man’s school is participating in Pizza Hut Book it.  They want us to read for 20 minutes a day M-F.  I think for March, we ended up reading 795 minutes, or something pretty close to that.  There are days that we don’t read at all, but we’ll make up for it on another night.  We’ve had a couple 60+ minute reading marathons.  I do love reading and hope that both kids are readers too.

Growing up, I spent alot of time at the library.  I remember riding my bike there and checking out books by the armful.  My favorites were Beverly Cleary’s books: Socks; A Mouse and a Motorcycle; Runaway Ralph; and the Sweet Valley High Series.  As far as quirky books, Lizard Music was a favorite.  I’d like to read all the books in the Chronicles of Narnia again or the Laura Ingalls Wilder books.  I didn’t quite make it through all the books.  Maybe once the kids are older, I’ll get to read those books for me again. 

I have a library card, but I haven’t checked out any books yet.  I’d like to start taking the kids to the library, but that’s only happened once.  We’ll see.