J is for…

Jimmy Crack(head) Corn search terms.  Red was cut off from my list.  Blue is my comments.

  • cheesy lindsey lohan on crack videos
  • lip biter flag chick  Yup…  I am a lip biter flag chick 😀
  • cold freckle scab butt picker chick  This is true too.  Although I think it’s picking underwear outta my butt.
  • i slept with thumper . . . anal
  • drunken nursing and 8th grade accountabi (lity)
  • mixing creamed corn with refolded retail
  • i slept with plain spaghetti . . . since (1980)
  • stuffed retail clipboard
  • indiana jones is not a big fan of Disney
  • i am anal on the bottom . . . everything
  • enough bras to fill a crockpot  It really doesn’t take a whole lotta bras to fill up a crockpot anymore…
  • blessed easter slacking weather
  • fold my silverware, unfolded, refolded
  • anal crockpot vegetables
  • fold my creamed corn in half length-wise Can you fold creamed corn??
  • the blues brothers watched grease 2 and (hated it)
  • i slept with my towels . . . i’ll let it (be)
  • baz luhrman squirmed during number 2
  • i slept with tiger . . . length-wise
  • bernadette peters blew my . . . exhauste (d now)
  • stodgy grease will admit it thought that (that was funny)
  • carol burnett won’t watch annie
  • claire danes is a classic in my book

3 Responses

  1. I think it’s hilarious what you can make Google find your site with! Thanks for making me famous!

  2. I think I have an avatar now…and my own blog. Let’s try it out.

    Yippee!! ~R

  3. Ok, again, I’m laughing hysterically. Randomability…mind if I call you R for short…my typing tongue can’t take it Randomability…nor can I fold creamed corn. I CAN relate to fitting bras into my crockpot. It fills up my Saturday nights!

    I was trying to figure out how to sign my posts. I think “R” will work just fine! ~R

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