G is for…

Gray hairs and green grass

I don’t know when I actually noticed my first gray hair.  It ws probably sometime in 1998, after college and after I moved back home.  That would put me around 28.  I still don’t have enough gray hair to color then, so I pluck them with tweezers and no, it diesn’t grow back thicker than before.  If there was ANY truth to that, then the balding men would also be plucking hairs instead of letting them be.

The grass is finally starting to green up and the tempurature is warming up.  Yippee!!  Spring might finally be here!  We wore short sleeved shirts and light jackets.  How exciting.  The kids and I spent at least an hour at the park after school.  We were the first ones there.  Another Mom and her two kids joined in and my kids were playing with them.  Which is fantastic.  My son will play with everyone.  Soon, though, he got a splinter and it was time to go home for dinner.

7 Responses

  1. Yay for Spring!

  2. Yes! Spring spring spring spring! My new garden is ready and yesterday I put in some hardy cold tolerant plants and seeds!

  3. At least you HAVE hair.

  4. I got my first streak of gray hair when I was 18. It hasn’t changed that much, it is still there on my right temple. But, now I have more random grays scattered about my skull. The worst thing is that they are a completely different texture than the rest of my hair!

  5. My one enviable physical trait is my 33-year-old head with nary a gray hair. It’s not much but it’s all I’ve got!\

    Our weeds, I mean grass, is coming up as well! Very exciting.

  6. Hubby has some grass seed on order. We’re hoping to revive the front lawn. The earthworms are killing some of our grass!
    As far as gray hair, I started getting silver hair when I was 26. My husband would pluck them out of my scalp! This was before I married him. What a charmer! Now I’ve got some blonde going on. Blonde is a great way to cover gray. Oh, my silver strands are few and far between, but so easy to spot.

  7. Ummmmm bout those grey hairs……we’re not discussing them. 😉 I prefer to call mine highlights.

    We don’t have “green” grass yet, more brownish much. We’re getting more snow tomorrow – oh yippee… There ya go, you can you S for Snow and Y for Yippee. 😀

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