G is for…

Gray hairs and green grass

I don’t know when I actually noticed my first gray hair.  It ws probably sometime in 1998, after college and after I moved back home.  That would put me around 28.  I still don’t have enough gray hair to color then, so I pluck them with tweezers and no, it diesn’t grow back thicker than before.  If there was ANY truth to that, then the balding men would also be plucking hairs instead of letting them be.

The grass is finally starting to green up and the tempurature is warming up.  Yippee!!  Spring might finally be here!  We wore short sleeved shirts and light jackets.  How exciting.  The kids and I spent at least an hour at the park after school.  We were the first ones there.  Another Mom and her two kids joined in and my kids were playing with them.  Which is fantastic.  My son will play with everyone.  Soon, though, he got a splinter and it was time to go home for dinner.