F is for…


I love my family, as crazy as everyone is. 

I myself have 2 sisters and a brother.  Between my sisters and I, we have 5 boys and two girls.  The girls are the oldest and the youngest (so far anyway!)

My Dad’s family is large, he’s number 2 out of 13.  I am cousin #4 out of 29 in my generation.  We already have 17 in the next generation and that’s only with 7 of us giving birth!  Out of all the people (aunts/uncle and my generation) with children, only one person has an only.  Otherwise we are a big happy German Catholic family with 2 kids minimum!

My Mom is #4 of 5 girls.  I am #6 out of 10 on that side and we have 14 in the next generation with 8 of us with kids.  This year we are talking about a family reunion on my Granddad’s side.  I can’t wait!  I really don’t know them at all.