B is for…


I am so excited that baseball finally started.  That means that spring is on it way, right?  Please don’t tell me otherwise!  LOL!  But then again, I guess that would fit in with me being a Cubs fan… hopelessly optimistic.

I can’t wait for April 22nd.  Hubby and I are going to the Cubs/Mets game.  Hubby is a Mets fan and the in-laws are coming to watch the kids for the day.  It can’t get any better.  I am hoping that we will NOT be wearing our winter coats.  Even if it is cold and sunny, I’ll probably STILL get a sunburn, so I’ll be sure to wear sunscreen on my face. 


5 Responses

  1. Baseball is the one sport I actually understand (LOL). My little boy plays baseball. Last year he pitched a couple of games and only hit one kid (trust me when they are 10 and attempting fast pitch – only hitting one kid is a miracle ROFL).

  2. How fun! I love going to baseball games, too!

    I am also doing an “A is for” theme on my blog! Have fun blogging in April!

  3. I am glad B Baseball is starting. I enjoy it more than B Basketball. Of course 2 teams from TN are in the final four for basketball. Memphis Tigers (men’s) and Lady Vols (women’s)/ Woohoo!

  4. Just wait until your kids start playing (if they aren’t already)! It’s fun and torturous at the same time!

  5. Hubby loves baseball. He is always saying, “I can’t wait for the Indians to play again.” We go through it every winter. The Browns’ season ends and the Cavs are playing, but basketball is nerve-racking to watch. Baseball is so fun and easy-going! Now, if Cleveland could just have an NHL team!

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