A is for…

American Idol.

Yes, we are American Idol junkies.  We have watched just about every season from the beginning.  There are two exceptions.  We did not watch season 4 at all (Carrie Underwood was the winner) and we picked up on season 1 with the final 5 (I think). 

I have to say that I think this is one of the best seasons and it’s great that the contestants are picking up instruments this year.  So many of them are talented that way. 

I am such an AI Geek.  When I hear a song on the radio that someone has done, I think “Oh… so and so sang that song this season”. 

5 Responses

  1. I love Dancing with the Stars, I am hopelessly addicted to it. LOL! My daughter loves American Idol, I would but there is a time conflict..

    Happy viewing..

  2. I’m an AI geek, too. I started watching toward the end of season 3. You missed season 4 with Carrie and Bo??? That was the absolute best season from 3 on. I can’t speak for seasons 1 and 2. So sorry you missed it. Season 4 was so much fun, what characters! Even though I think that was the best season by far, I’m still enjoying it.

  3. I’ve never been huge into AI, BUT, I met Constantine Maroulis before he was on Idol. He was “Roger” in RENT when it came to town. I was walking into the theater and he approached me looking all sketchy asking me if I had tickets (I figured he was a scalper). Then he chased me down Euclid Ave. when I said I had tickets and told me he was in the show. I didn’t believe him, but he did show up on stage and he indeed was playing the lead. Ha!
    Anyway, I only watched that season because I was flipping through the channels and saw him on TV and was like, THAT’s that GUY who was in RENT.
    My brief brush with a semi-celebrity! LOL

  4. That’s a bit strange…but then again, I couldn’t do that. I didn’t start watching Idol until last year (I resisted because I don’t like reality TV shows)

  5. I used to be an American Idol junkie – it can be so addicting! But I don’t get much evening tv watching time anymore since I’m in charge of bedtime. 🙂

    We’ve altered our kids bedtime schedules on Tuesday & Wednesday nights as well. Tuesday is bath night, so they get baths right after dinner. Wednesday, they stay up a little later as well. At least we are in the Central time zone, but elimination is on at 8:00 here. Normally the kids bedtime is about 8:30 or so, so an extra half hour isn’t horrible. They usually aren’t asleep by 9:00 anyway… Now that Tuesday night is back down to an hour, that’s a bit more respectable. It’s over by 8:00, then we can brush teeth and send them to bed. ~Accountable

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