April in review

I am an American Idol Junkie who likes Baseball and is Catholic. Dental health is being worked on and I love Eclair, Mock variety. I love my Family and I’m getting Gray hairs and Green Grass. Hearing is bad and I’m somewhat Insomniac. My friend Jimmy Cracked Corn’s search terms are funny and Kids are my world, which I read from our extensive Library.

I love Marching Bands and Night time is when my kids wind up instead of down and hubby and I wear night guards. I was in two Oganizations growing up, and had PVC’s that have been corrected. I love my Grandma Quilt and so do the kids. We are big on Recycling and I Scrapbook, get lots of Spam and have kids that wear small sizes.

I have my Tonsils out and Little Man OUGHT to have his out. Ugh! I blogged about a Variety of things and I’ve always been a Working Girl who hasn’t had many X-Rays. 🙂 I like Youtube and We’ve had a Zoo growing up.

Now you know the ABC’s of me! Hope you had fun. I know I did.

letters that didn’t make the cut.

A was almost for Average.

B was almost for Breastfeeding (nothing that people didn’t already know!)

D was almost for Dinky town. I grew up in one.

E was almost for Ears & Eyes

G was almost for Green. I renamed it to Recycling.

H was almost for Heart Health. I renamed that to PVC

M was almost for Momtuition. Kind of like intuition

Q was almost for Quality Assurance, my current position.

V was almost for Validate or Verify before sending me emails.

Y was almost for Yoga

Z is for…


Growing up we had all sorts of pets, not all at the same time.  This includes:

  • Dogs (named Doobie, Ginger & Maxi)
  • Cats (Suzy, Misty, Quincy & Sox ~Named after The White Sox 😛 )
  • Parakeets (Pete & Repeat)
  • Fish ~Goldfish and other assorted Fish (Two of the fish we named Miss Piggy & Kermit)
  • Hamsters (Frenchie & Snowball.  In college I had one named Hammie)
  • Mice (I’m not sure if they had names)
  • Rat (Gideon)
  • Gerbil (Star)

I’m sure we had other pets, but these were the ones that I remember.  I have a pet story to tell, and since this is my blog, you’ll just have to read about it!  HAHA!!

One day we woke up and Snowball was headless.  Frenchie ATE snowballs head.  There was no skull, no brains, no fur, no face.  Nothing was left but a body.  A few days later, Frenchie had passed away.  We guess it was either from a massive furball or severe indigestion.

Y is for…


These were some of my favorite Youtube videos that I have previously posted.

My 1st: Includes the William Tell For mothers, Scary Mary Poppins, Tribute to Choppin’ Broccoli.

My 2nd: Includes Furry Happy Monsters, Jeff Dunham and his Jalepeno on a Steeck, the 6 volt battery “trick” and a myspace video.

SGEP link #1: Includes three Japanese videos, a mario video and spaced invaders.

My 3rd: Chuck Berry and My ding-a-ling

SGEP link #2: Includes “Ken Lee”, two Japanese Ninja shows, Japanese bowling, a Zombie video game, speed walker.


X is for…


Other than Dental X-rays, I have had only a chest X-ray to diagnose Pneumonia.  Nothing very exciting.  I have never broken any bones.