My Meme’s

Here’s are the quick links to the Random things about me Meme’s I’ve done. 

1st tag (7 Random Thing)

2nd tag (7 More Random things)

3rd tag (6 Random things)

4th tag (6 Random things)

4 Responses

  1. Is it pronounced MEEM or MIMI?

    I think MEEM. that’s supposed to Rhyme with theme… ~Accountable

  2. Well, Accountable, people must think you are random. 😉

    I always read it wrong in my head, but on wikipedia, the explanation was that it rhymes with gene because it’s supposed to spread like our genes do.

    I’ve always said it wrong in my head too, like “Me me” because these Meme’s are really all about me! ~Accountable

  3. Nice! I may have to steal this “blog without actually blogging” post.

  4. I say, “meh meh” like it would be pronounced in Spanish or Japanese. Even though I know it’s wrong I can’t get myself to say it correctly.

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