The 80’s

This is my additional take on the you know your from the 80’s.  This is the stuff that I rememb er that always seems to get left off of the lists.  😀

… When anyone asks, “Who are you going to call?”  You reply, “Ghostbusters!”
… You reply “Helloooo.  McFly” to anything.
… When someone asks, “You know what?” you have to pause a minute before you reply back, “Chicken butt.”
… When you’re making anything with broccoli, you start singing, “Chopping Broccoli”.
… Whenever you buy a hamburger that’s more bun than burger you ask, “Where’s the beef?”
…  You sing the “extra” words when you hear “Mony, Mony” or “American Pie” on the radio.
…  You know where this quote came from.  “Time?  Time?  I never have any time?  If I don’t pass my geometry test, I won’t get good grades.  If I don’t get good Grades, I’ll never get into Stanford.  I’m so Excited!  I’m so scared.”  This isn’t the exact quote, but I coulodn’t find it
…  When you finish a 6 pack, you still cut the rings apart.
…  Finish this quote, “Galaxy Glue, Galaxy Glue.”  Now name the movie!
…  You never want to live on Elm Street.  No matter how much you like the house.
…  You have a fear of “static” on the television.
…  You tried to stay up late enough to watch “Friday Night Videos”
…  You tried to stay up late enough to watch the station go off the air.  (Now we get endless info-mercials)
…  When you hear the Nutcracker March, you start singing, “Smurfberry Crunch is fun to eat; A Smurfy, fruity, breakfast treat; Made by Smurfs so happily; It tastes like crunchy Smurfberries; it’s fun to eat and tasty too; in berry red and Smurfy blue”
…  The name Mike Myers either conjures up fear or fits of laughter.

Here’s a fun computer version of Do you remember….

… when saving a file, you had only 8 characters to use to name it?
… writing programs… in DOS?
… word perfect 2.0?  Lotus 1-2-3 & dB IV?  (Do I have that last one correct?)
… 5 1/4 inch floppy disks?
… having to tab through everything because there was no mouse?

12 Responses

  1. This is hilarious! I remember so many of these!!! 😀

    This is my own list… 😉 ~Accountable

  2. I am forever singing “Chopping Broccoli” when I make salads – drives my husband crazy. 🙂

    Little Man loves the You tube video of Dana Carvey singing it. He cracks up every time. ~Accountable

  3. I remember a lot of these. Not only did I use 5 1/4″ floppies, I took a course in college where the machines used 8″ floppies. We needed two of them and they were nearly $10.00 a piece. $20 back then was my grocery budget for a week.

    I don’t remember the 8″ floppies. Just the 5 1/4. 🙂 ~Accountable

  4. LOL on the “extra words” to the songs….I have one in my head but I can’t think of the name of it.

    Oh I remember 8″ flopppies….and alpha database. Anyone remember that hummer?

    Which one do you need help with? ~Accountable

  5. … Finish this quote, “Galaxy Glue, Galaxy Glue.” Now name the movie! The Incredible Shrinking Woman!

    I love the 80’s!

    The movie is correct, but the quote was not finished! LOL!! ~Accountable

  6. LOL I don’t remember the words anymore. But it was one of those tunes that would constantly get stuck in my head when I was a kid.

    “What would you do without Galaxy glue?” The one that I always get stuck in my head is from Grease 2 when we’re bowling. Guess which song that is? HAHAHAHAHA!! 😀 ~Accountable

  7. Just a few moments ago “Mony Mony” came on the radio. Instead of mearly thinking of the words, I all out shouted them! LOL. I’m here by myself, I can do it…

    “Here we come now singing Mony Mony”
    “Go get Laid, get screwed, get f*cked!”

  8. I bet I can guess the Grease 2 song! That dreaded song! 😛

    We’re score tonight! We’re gonna score tonight!!
    We’re gonna rock, we’re gonna roll, we’re gonna bop, we’re gonna bowl
    We’re gonna score score score score score tonight!

    Hey Paulette, take a look over here, I’m your king pin honey and I’m getting in gear…

    Do I need to continue??

    Also, have you noticed that when they show Grease 2 on TV, “Reproduction” is always left out? ~Accountable

  9. I remember when i first learned that all I had to do to make a 3.5 diskette into a DD diskette was punch a hole in the side.

    I remember having “Dukes of Hazzard” chases on bikes.

    I remember when Differ’nt Strokes did a spoof on Ghostbusters. And also when arnold got a mohawk, and when Dudley’s father admitted that he had cancer from smoking.

    I remember George Clooney on theFacts of Life (What? I had sisters, give me a break!)

    Gimme a break, gimme a break…

    Avoid the Noid.

    Where’s Herb?

    I remember Hulk Hogan’s Rock’n Wrestling.

    Monchichi, Monchichi, oh they’re soft and cuddly, with their….

    I have more, but I don’t have the time. 😉

  10. Haha! I feel so old – I can remember all of this and more…

  11. […] funnies that Accountable posted on her site (I love the […]

  12. As my grandma used to say “O tempora, o mores!” – cannot use sarcasm over this.

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