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I know that this is a bit late, but I haven’t posted anything for over a week!  Jeez, I’ve been slacking.

I hope everyone had a Blessed Easter with there families.  I hope that your weather wasn’t too icky.  We had snow flurries!  At least it didn’t stick.

YouTube on SGEP

I could copy and past them here, but I linking is easier. 

My friend (not the one on crack, but SGEP) found these youtube videos and I want to share the goodness with you.  Be prepared to LOL.  As always, please leave him a comment. 🙂

I know you’re reading this!  Please go and visit.  🙂

Movies, of remakes and sequels

So Kemi was talking about movies, which gave me an idea.  This is a list about movies that I love and my thoughts about the remakes or sequels.

 The Parent Trap.  I love the version with Haley Mills.  I refuse to watch the remake.  Not because of Lindsey Lohan, but I don’t the to watch something that’s not the original.  The only way that I will watch the remake is if I’m on a coach bus or a plane and that’s what’s playing.

The Poseidon Adventure.  I do love the cheesy old version and again, I have no desire to watch the remake.

The Blues Brothers.  I LOVE The Blues Brothers and I have no desire to watch the sequel.  Call me stodgy, but I won’t.

Grease.  Okay, I will admit, I have watched Grease 2 and I sort of liked it.  Not as much as the original.  If you did like the Grease 2 over Grease, let me know. 

Those are the movies that came to mind off the top of my head and I’m sure there are more.  Your thoughts?

The 80’s

This is my additional take on the you know your from the 80’s.  This is the stuff that I rememb er that always seems to get left off of the lists.  😀

… When anyone asks, “Who are you going to call?”  You reply, “Ghostbusters!”
… You reply “Helloooo.  McFly” to anything.
… When someone asks, “You know what?” you have to pause a minute before you reply back, “Chicken butt.”
… When you’re making anything with broccoli, you start singing, “Chopping Broccoli”.
… Whenever you buy a hamburger that’s more bun than burger you ask, “Where’s the beef?”
…  You sing the “extra” words when you hear “Mony, Mony” or “American Pie” on the radio.
…  You know where this quote came from.  “Time?  Time?  I never have any time?  If I don’t pass my geometry test, I won’t get good grades.  If I don’t get good Grades, I’ll never get into Stanford.  I’m so Excited!  I’m so scared.”  This isn’t the exact quote, but I coulodn’t find it
…  When you finish a 6 pack, you still cut the rings apart.
…  Finish this quote, “Galaxy Glue, Galaxy Glue.”  Now name the movie!
…  You never want to live on Elm Street.  No matter how much you like the house.
…  You have a fear of “static” on the television.
…  You tried to stay up late enough to watch “Friday Night Videos”
…  You tried to stay up late enough to watch the station go off the air.  (Now we get endless info-mercials)
…  When you hear the Nutcracker March, you start singing, “Smurfberry Crunch is fun to eat; A Smurfy, fruity, breakfast treat; Made by Smurfs so happily; It tastes like crunchy Smurfberries; it’s fun to eat and tasty too; in berry red and Smurfy blue”
…  The name Mike Myers either conjures up fear or fits of laughter.

Here’s a fun computer version of Do you remember….

… when saving a file, you had only 8 characters to use to name it?
… writing programs… in DOS?
… word perfect 2.0?  Lotus 1-2-3 & dB IV?  (Do I have that last one correct?)
… 5 1/4 inch floppy disks?
… having to tab through everything because there was no mouse?