Music, part 2

Here’s two more tapes from my mix collection.  Tape 3 is from the radio and tape 4 is from what I already had.  Mostly B sides from single.

Tape 3:

  • Jerkout
  • Heart of Stone
  • Something to believe in
  • Rhythm Nation
  • Tell Me What it Takes to let you Go
  • Pray
  • Children of the Night
  • Come on and Get my Love
  • Theives in the Temple
  • Pump up the Jam
  • Ready or Not
  • Keep From Loving You
  • Sending All my Love
  • I Don’t Know Why I Go to Extreme’s
  • Back on My Feet Again
  • What Kind of Man
  • Unchained Melodies
  • Unskinny Bop
  • From a Distance
  • I’m Your Baby Tonight
  • After All
  • No More Lies
  • Love Songs (I know)
  • Romeo
  • Everybody

Tape 4: 

  • Wading Through The Darkness
  • Born to be Wild
  • Neighbor
  • Cowboy Logic (Michael Martin Murphy)
  • Baby Got Back
  • Cats In the Cradle (Ugly Kid Joe version)
  • Friends in Low Places
  • Wasted Rock Ranger (LOL!!)
  • Cake Boy (B Side to Baby Got Back)
  • Should I stay or Should I Go
  • Feed my Frankenstein
  • I Hate Everything about you (With intro by Pat from SNL!)
  • Shameless
  • I Love you Period
  • Buck Naked (Hank Williams Jr.)
  • We Will Rock You (I did not record We Are the Champions)
  • Where do Cowboys go When they Die/Reincarnation
  • Drive (REM)
  • Help I’m White and I can’t Get Down (Are very funny song!!)

Okay people, which list format do you like better?

2 Responses

  1. I remember sitting home all day one January weekend with multiple tapes so I could record the Top 88 of ’88! I painstakingly waited for the DJ to say the artist name and cursed him when he didn’t.

  2. I can tell you are just little too young to remember Journey and Air Supply also.

    Open Arms (not on your list) Most played song at all my jr high dances. Good times!!!

    I love Journey too. I have their greatest hits CD. It’s hard to choose just ONE of theirs. John Michael Montgomery also did Open Arms, and the funny thing about this is that it too is track 12 on the CD. ~Accountable

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