search update

Thanks to my non-medicated friend I had this search come up:  ارضاع الزوج صور

I’ve checked with a couple translation sites:

  • World Star Translator:  Nursing of the husband is masts
  • Google Translate:  Breast husband photos
  • Applied Languages:  Nursing of the husband is images

Thanks, Jimmy.


3 Responses

  1. I will ask for you on Thursday if I remember…I have a student that is Persian. Although…nursing of the husband photos? I think I just figured out what that probably *really* translates to. Maybe I won’t ask her then. 🙂

    If you think she has a good sense of humor, please ask! I’m really curious as to what it really says. ~Accountable

  2. You get some of the craziest search terms!! And I thought ‘send a goat’ was wild!

  3. Has Jimmy been up to no good again?

    Jimmy Peepers or Jimmy Cracked Corn? LOL!! ~Accountable

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