Sorry all,

I haven’t been around much.  I’m at crunch time at work.  I need to get a report all cleaned up and finalized for reporting on March 1st.  I’m going insane.  I’m ready to not look at Excel spreadsheets anymore.  I’m ready to reply once again to comments and make posts.  I’m ready to jump back into fitness again.

6 Responses

  1. You’re forgiven. 😀 Thanks for the help today!

  2. I hope the time passes quickly for you so you can get back to the fun stuff!

  3. It’s okay, Accountable. I like how your name is a play on words for an accountant. I forgive your absence and hope you’ll be on a better, more relaxed schedule soon!

  4. I forgive you. 😀

  5. That’s ok~I have been pretty busy too! Just glad you are ok!


  6. Just stopped by to say hi and hope all is well!!

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