If I could do it different

Mary Kay that is.  If I could go back and do Mary Kay different I’d…

  • Not get caught up in all the free product & star prizes with the initial order
  • For what I wanted to do with my business, I wouldn’t have purchased as much as I did.  My goal was 1 or 2 classes a MONTH and I still fell for the $1800 order (see above)
  • Allow my director to make my first order without my input.  I was stuck with the perfumes, bronze foundations, and the spa stuff.  It didn’t sell.  I ended up donating these to a church for a raffle

What product I did have, wasn’t what my customers wanted, so they did end up waiting for it.  If I did have what they wanted, it wasn’t enough.  I had three people want one color, I  only had one or two.  I had to order or trade for it and the customer still needed to wait.

What’s done is done and I can’t change it.

20 Responses

  1. I would have never become a director.

    I never had a desire to recruit. I always thought that it was crazy to recruit your customers. ~Accountable

  2. First off – thanks for the comment on my blog! It really did make me LOL! :o)

    As far as doing things differently – I am signing up soon (after being out of MK for years), but reading all of the positives and negatives have really given me a good idea of what to do and what NOT to do.

    I think all MK stories are important for that reason.

    PS – I love the blog! I will have to visit more often!

    Thanks!! It’s important to ask the right questions and word them the right way.

    The other one that got me was the no minimums to remain active. Technically yes, it’s true. BUT, (and it’s a big one) to get the 50% discount, you have to place a $200 every 3 months. Unless you order at the beginning of the month, it’s not even a full 3 months. ~Accountable

  3. Just to be nitpicky, don’t you mean that you would NOT allow your director to make your first order without your input?

    It’s amazing how many familiar faces I have seen lately….except everyone has new names and I have to try & figure out who you all are. Good to see you again!

    Mindi, you are correct. I would not allow my SD to place my first order without my input. I would not get the bronze foundations, to perfumes/colognes, Private spa collection, the sunscreen and self tanner. I would have only gone for the $600 package as well. I had WAY too much stuff.

    Free gave me your link! We are all one big happy blogging interlinked group and I too am working on all the new names 😀 ~Accountable

  4. You definitely picked some good items to change. I’m content with the things I did to start out. I made some mistakes all by myself later in the game that I wouldn’t mind undoing, but I just plugged away and figured it out and got myself through the little ordering mistakes I made along the way.
    My only pitfalls were a few times I had some events scheduled and I ordered a little more than I wanted to in anticipation of the results. Then, the events canceled or results weren’t what I expected so I wound up with some extra stuff. Lesson learned: order only what I need when I need it and if someone has to wait they can wait. 😉

  5. I wouldn’t have fallen for the hype. When I was MK I didn’t do any crazy ordering, I was too obsessed about the credit card debt and not letting the charged amount get high, because I worried about not being able to pay it off. Messing with your credit rating is nothing to play with.

    Another thing I would have done differently was trying to work fulltime and kill myself trying to make another career on the side. My daughter was a toddler and I missed out on some things. 😦

    I will never ever sign up for another MLM ever. I’m done with that.

  6. I am home with the kiddos all day homeschooling, so the meetings will be a fun break (when I want to go to them – when I don’t, I won’t) and the SCC’s will be a fun break, too.

    Inventory will not be much for me at first, so that won’t be an issue, either. 🙂

    I like reading about different experiences because they really are good for avoiding pitfalls. :o)

  7. LOL, if I could go back and do it over, I wouldn’t do it at all!!

    Yes! I agree. I don’t think I’d sign up for it when it all comes down to it! LOL ~Accountable

  8. I come from such a different place. I joined MK 25 years ago and the people I met and knew then for the most part were different.

    I think if I had joined 10 or 12 years ago I might have had a different beginning experience. I did 1800 when I joined but back then, they had a 10 show week challenge that( I was so dumb,) thought I had to do for my challenge..talk about green as I was working another full time job. As it turned out, it was the best thing I could have done for the experience I received with it and the clients I gained speedily.

    With all that said, I saw different attitudes with some new directors about 1994-95 that concerned me.
    I maybe naively thought what went around would come around and that they might not last long. Some didnt but some did.

    For the most part, I have met some truly wonderful women and for me personally, if I had not worked so very hard the first few years, I would not have a job today because of my fms/cfs. I feel blessed to still have my business because of that and the friends I have made.

    I just hate it when I hear of someone that has been mistreated or taken advantage of. For that, for all of you, I am so sorry.

  9. I wouldn’t have done it at all. I hated it because it is just the opposite of my personality/abilities. I admired my recruiter for her personality/abilities, but now I know I can just be myself and not try to paint on a different face. It was a huge mistake for me.

    I’m glad that I did it. I got girl time out of it. I was decent at it, I just didn’t like all the changes that was going to take place on my dime. I didn’t like the push for recruiting rather than selling. ~Accountable

  10. Right now im in the transition to become a MK ibc.I really helpful to here both sides of the biz.i have a idea on what to expect and what not to get my self in.

    Just be careful and don’t get caught up in all the hype. You don’t need initial inventory, because what you have isn’t what your customers want, LOL!! Build your customer base before you recruit and don’t recruit your best customer. It’s stupid. I’m sure someof my other blogging friends can offer other words of wisdom for you. ~Accountable.

  11. I think I would not order any Spa products if I could do it again. Those are products that people can wait for. I would just have skin care and a little bit of color if I could “do over” some of my past orders. The orders I made mistakes with weren’t didn’t include my initial order that my director helped me with. I made a few mistakes when I started ordering on my own. 😛 I’ve got it figured out now.

  12. sorry for all the typos! 😳

  13. I wouldn’t have listened to all the tapes. gagggg!

  14. I would change nothing! I don’t recruit, or go to meetings anymore, never listened to any tapes, do not have a huge inventory…I sale to co-workers at school and my friend helps me out at her nail salon. That is how I got my customers. Nothing major~just providing a service to a few while making a little extra money: which right now has been paying for Patch’s medical bills-hehe.

  15. That’s awesome, Mercedes!

  16. I would have to say I would have done it my way more! Hey, have a great nite!!

  17. Accountable, I totally agree with you and those are EXACTLY the things I’d change if I could do it over again. I wish I started off and maintained like Mercedes is doing. I’m a bit jealous. 🙂

    Yup. Me too. ~Accountable

  18. I feel special-lol! Things can change ya know. You are the boss of you and no one else! My friend that helps me out also gets products at cost. She just moved her shop from her home to a Hair Salon and things are really going good now. I stopped by last night to pick up money and she stopped by the house to refill on products. I feel kinda bad for her doing so much work-set up, display,…but she says she doesn’t mind at all. We have a barter system with products AND services (my hair and nails amd I help her out with her purchases of her supplies). Good Luck everyone!

  19. Just stopped by to say hi, I hope all is well!!!

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