Being funny

Okay as promised.  This is what my friend searched to find my blog.  I think he forgot to take his meds today.

  • breastfeeding grampa accountability
  • peanut butter breast accountability
  • husband breastfeeding Margaritas weaned
  • Whoo Hoo husband weaned
  • breastfeeding husband accountability
  • Tylenol breastfeeding accountability
  • mega squatting
  • squeezing my ears and nose independently
  • white cotton underpants wiggle
  • england shower space heater yoga
  • doobie caravan skinny birth
  • cardio grampa birth stories

The ones in red and green were searched by my un-medicated friend after my original post!  😀 

9 Responses

  1. LOL

    Margaritas and Peanut Butter…yummmmm

  2. LOL at “Whoo hoo husband weaned”!!!!

  3. Too funny!!! 😀

  4. My favorite is “squeezing my ears and nose independently”! 😆

  5. Oh, that’s great.

  6. Since I be liking Marguaritas and pnut butter is good with just about everything..I guess I’ll be choosing those two. But the breast feeding husband weaned? I will probably just dump him! LOL!:)

  7. Sorry for incorrect spelling of my margarita..maybe I should have a cosmos instead. eh? LOL!

  8. Did someone say Margaritas???? Pass one this way! Just wanted to say hi to you great ladies! Have a great nite!!!!! {HUGS}

  9. these are great! LOL!

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