Random search

Okay,  This is too funny to NOT post about.  A couple people found my blog by searching these two terms:

  • Breastfeeding zoo coloring  (2 hits)
  • Sport and easy birth            (2 hits)

I only hope that whomever was searching found(?) what they were looking for!!

9 Responses

  1. Someone wants to know what color to paint their zoo to breastfeed?

    And seriously…the word easy and birth should NEVER be allowed in the same sentence.

    ummm…. Don’t look at my birth stories page then! LOL!! ~Accountable

  2. Sorry. That was me. I wanted to see if there were any potential hazards involved with getting my hair colored at the zoo while breastfeeding. Then I wanted to find out if giving birth was ever considered to be an olympic sport. (Because it should be.)

    My bad.

    ROFLMAO!!! Apology accepted!! 😀 ~Accountable

  3. Accountable, We need to do a search to see if there are certain colors for real that are suggested to have around you to breastfeed…NOT! ROFL!

    I only had one child because it definitely was not easy! 🙂 LOL!

    As I’ve told Free, don’t read my birth stories! I truely had an easy time. ~Accountable

  4. ROFL! I started to fall for FP’s post-whew!
    Yeah-birth should be considered an olympic sport-hehe. Crazy search term land!


    HAHAHA!!! ~Accountable

  5. I think I’m going to start doing wacky Google searches just to help you out with new material.

    NICE! Check back later this afternoon for his wacky terms… ~Accountable.

  6. ROF good laugh for a Monday morning.

  7. Haha, that’s awesome!! Early on, I actually took some of my funky searches and wrote informative (well, informative/funny) posts about the content, so that future searchers could actually get the info they were looking for, lol.

    Then again, I could kinda guess what those people were searching for. Those are even too far gone for me to guess what they meant!

    That’s a good idea. Although when I get the really strange ones, I’m not sure how to reply to that. ~Accountable

  8. My most recent weird search was:

    what type of frog do you eat

    speaking of eating… This was a search today and I was assured that it was not my non-medicated friend: vegetables names and colouring pages I know this to be true because of the spelling of coloring. ~Accountable

  9. Hilarious! Most of my searches are pretty relevant to my blog, but once in awhile something completely off the wall pops up!

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