Non-Resolutions ~ A follow-up

So, Just how am I doing on these Non-Resolutions?  We’ll see…

  1. I will NOT check my email, myspace profile, facebook profile, blog stats, discussion boards/forums every chance I get.  The world will not come to a crashing halt if I do not reply to something right away.  I’m getting better at this, although it is a weakness of mine.
  2. I will NOT drive over 4500 miles in my van This one should be stricken.  I don’t drive the van very much.  I work at home and my commute consists of dropping the kids off at daycare.  It is a 4 mile trip round trip ~ if that.
  3. I will NOT take a short shower (under 10 Minutes)  In all fairness, this should have probably been:  I will NOT shower longer than 20 minutes.  I am getting better at taking shorter showers (15 minutes).  Although sometimes it is hard when I need to shave my legs.
  4. I will NOT share the covers with my spouse  Again, this probably should have been I will NOT hog all the covers.  I’m not sure how I’m doing on this.
  5. I will NOT gain weight  So far, so good
  6. I will NOT cruise the blogs so much on my work time  I’m doing okay on this, now that I’m using Google Reader.
  7. I will NOT sweat the small stuff  I think I’m doing okay.
  8. I will NOT wash the dishes before dinner.  So far, so good. 
  9. I will NOT complain how cold it is here in my basement.  I knew it was going to be cold in the winter before I set it up here.  I can always add layers.  (For the record, with the space heater and electric blanket going it is 54.9 as I type this and my hands are freezing)  Hee hee!!!
  10. I will NOT stop drinking water because it’s cold.  My lips are even more de-hydrated in the winter, causing them to be cracked and dry.  Since I am a lip biter, well… they are being extra bitten.  Still needs work.  See #9
  11. I will NOT put on my white cotton underpants on inside out  So far, so good!
  12. I will NOT put on my Yoga pants backwards.  So far, so good!

I seem to be doing okay.  I have stricken some because they were kind of irrelevant.

11 Responses

  1. Glad to see #11 & #12 are doing well. LOL

    😀 Me too! ~Accountable

  2. I hate making New Year’s Resolutions. I have absolutely given up doing this. What I do instead at the stroke of midnight after kissing the dh and dd. We send up two balloons, one is a hope balloon with a note about what we hope will be good and the other is a balloon getting rid of the negative stuff. I know it seems fluffy, but it works for me and then I don’t get disappointed that I failed at a resolution. So instead I just let my resolutions evolve and work on them as they crop up. Everyone is always trying to lose weight so that is a given.

    That is a great idea, about the balloons. Normally I don’t make resolutions, either, but this was a little fun thing that we did!

    I like your one about not putting your undies on inside out, this happens on a regular basis. I think one of my definite resolutions would be to make sure every January I go out and buy new undies minimum 12 pair, then you are set for the year, this is one of the things I always forget to do and not on my list of priorities. Everyone else in the family gets them because I take care of it. So that will be my one resolution new undies for me and yup I did it so far so good.

    Yippee!! This happens when I try to get dressed in the dark. Usually hubby is home sick and I *try* to get dressed without turning the light on. Oops!! What you said about buying new undies is good. Maybe for Christmas, everyone gets a toothbrush, socks and undies!! LOL! ~Accountable

  3. I couldnt help but laugh at some of your resolutions, I guess because of relating a bit too much.:)
    How do you do google reader? I got gmail email,
    I need new undies too, just hate to buy them. I am getting better about pitching stuff.

    For google reader, you go to the main google page. Up on top, there is are some options. Select “more” and Reader should be there. You’ll need to sign inwith your Google account and from there it’s pretty easy. When you type in the blog adress, don’t use the http:// part. It’s pretty sweet!

    I am in the process of going through my undies and throwing away the ones that have more than three holes in it. ~Accountable

  4. The three hole rule – LOL I love it.

    Anything less than three holes, you can’t put your undies on! You know one hole for each leg and one for your waist! LOL!! ~Accountable

  5. I agree with FreeFromItAll – so glad to hear numbers 11 and 12 are going well for you! LOL 🙂

  6. Oh, and by the way, I like the new look of your site.

    Thank you! Although I now have too many pages for them to all show at the top. But that’s why I have them on my sidebar. 🙂 ~Accountable

  7. I’m not sure how I feel about this whole revising resolutions things. I prefer denial. Denial works for me.

    Denial is good too! 😀 ~Accountable

  8. I thought about doing this last week~because I am not following my NOT resolutions-lol.

    The first one is my downfall. Oh well. I’m getting a little better at it though. ~Accountable

  9. This is a great idea. I think I may have to follow suit. 😀

    LOVE the sheep photo, too!

    Thanks! It is from one of the photos from Church Stretton in England! ~Accountable

  10. “Anything less than three holes, you can’t put your undies on! You know one hole for each leg and one for your waist! LOL!! ~Accountable”

    OMG I splorfed on my computer! That is definitely a good rule. I threw out all the old undies because they had holes, the waist bands were ripped and its one of those things you just never seem to get around to doing on the importance scale. It seems every time I find a perfect brand or style it gets discontinued, so then I wear the ones I have until they are unwearable.

    Then I always think about the old saying of making sure you have decent and clean undies on every day in case your in an accident. How mortifying if a paramedic says – “Lady you actually went out in these?”

    I have solved the getting dressed in the dark thing, you just buy comfy tagless undies. I found these at Costco and they are amazing, the waist bands are thin and they are cotton and almost microfiber-ish – I’m stocking up on these puppies. They are called
    It-se-bit-se intimates.

  11. After reading this, I am glad I did not post any New Year’s resolutions – too much work!

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